Auckland Airport provides an environment in which business can grow and prosper through the provision of recreational (play/dine) and social amenities (shop/rest/fly) for their staff.

Uniquely positioned to offer more connections than any other business park in the country, Only 30 minutes from the Auckland CBD, the commute to work easier than ever.

The Auckland Airport Community

Creating the best place to work

With more than 18,000 people working within the Auckland Airport business district you’ll find a diverse community from over 800 businesses with access to great amenities not found in any other business park in the country. It is our responsibility to enhance this sense of community and through the summer there are events for everyone to enjoy.

Work, Work out

Work shouldn’t always be in an office

Everything you need is found right here. From anywhere you are only minutes away from shops and cafes, you can still get the car serviced, buy new tyres and go to the gym at lunch and unwind with a pint after work.

Conference and Events

Work away from the office

Auckland Airport makes getting the team together, nationally or internationally easy. Everything you need to make a great conference or work event is right on your doorstep. Unique locations, activities and venues, from historic homesteads to four star hotels, paintball and golf. The only restriction is your imagination.